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Because of Greg's help, my

books went to the next level.

—Tom Doyle

Your ideas matter. And if sharing them with others is your heart's desire, I can help you express them in a way you'll be proud of.  

What Can I Help You With?

  • Writing. I'll come alongside to create your book masterpiece from whatever materials you have available to work with.

  • Editing. If you've already got a handle on writing your manuscript, I'll review, assist, or re-write whatever you need.

  • Custom Publishing. Self-publishing is a more attractive option than ever for getting your word out, but the details of book design, typesetting, and printing can be overwhelming. I can take you through the process from A to Z.

  • Marketing. Copy writing? Sure thingincluding writing for

       Search Engine Optimization whenever that's a priority.


For a FREE initial consultation about your project,

email and tell me

what you have in mind to do.

   I Have Some History,

and Here's What Folks Have

to Say about It . . . 


It was difficult for me to start writing my first book until I met Greg. He made it seem so simple and easy to put my thoughts on paper. Often he took my words and added his own, and I was amazed at how it read. I couldn't have produced my book without his involvement, guidance and inspirational words. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Joe Greene

Dare to Succeed

Greg Webster is one of the most gifted writers in the publishing world. I was at a cross in the roads in my writing, and it was Greg who helped me clearly communicate the stories that God had written on my heart. Because of his help, my books went to the next level! Greg is a true writing partner, and I highly recommend him. Whether you use Greg to help you write, co-write, edit, or give you valuable advice, you'll be glad that you did. His experience and giftedness will accelerate your writing project, and more people will read what God has put on your heart too. He did that for me.

Tom Doyle

    Dreams & Visions     Killing Christians     Standing in the Fire     Women Who Risk

I've known and worked with Greg for some time now. Not only is he excellent at what he writes and edits, but he offered me a fresh perspective on Silent Partner which took it to another level. He’s a true veteran and professional in the trade. I highly recommend Greg, and it’s an honor to call him my friend. 

Brian Viers

Silent Partner

When I started as a novice writer, Greg helped make the journey less intimidating. He not only made sure he knew the heart of my book, but he took time to know about my life also. He was able to bring a depth to my story that was so helpful. Greg was encouraging and gifted at guiding me and helping my words come to life without losing ‘my voice’ in the process.

He's the ‘color enhancer’ for words. It was true joy to work with him.

—Angel Davis, LSCW, BCPCC  

The Perfecting Storm

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