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Do Things Different

on Purpose


Some “experts” sell a particular angle that supposedly delivers a great life. They say financial freedom comes first. Or finding your dream job. Or maybe the one right relationship for you.


The truth is, there are a lot of moving parts in the life you want. 


Money, work, relationships, hopes, and dreams all have a role, but no one of them is the final answer. You get real satisfaction only when they all come together.


Through what I’ve learned in two decades of out-of-the-rut living—as well as with guidance from other amazing adventurers who have mastered their own lifestyles—I hope you'll let me challenge, encourage, inspire, and lead you through the steps to create the Different life you dream about.


Check out my About Page, and I'll tell you more about how great Different can be. 

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Let's talk about doing Different. Check out my blog posts.

Change your lifestyle in ways that really matter to you, and it's like getting a seat upgrade in life.

You get elbow room, freedom to move around,

options to enjoy more of life’s pleasures.


With a little help, you can get “un-rutted” and live a life that makes your heart sing. 


I’ve been in the rut and out and now love to see others find freedom living the way they were meant to. But I've got a different take on Different than many who promote finding "the life of your dreams."


One of my favorite bloggers

in the Do-Life-Different

space interviewed me

for her podcast.

Listen to

Lisa Jansen's episode

"Country Life with 8 Children"!


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