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For Greg Webster, after 40-something years of urban living, doing Different meant moving his family to rural Tennessee, 70 miles from the nearest major city.


If you're wondering about doing Different but aren't sure you're ready, a dip into Greg's 13 CROPs—Creative Rural Operating Principles—will charm you into the confidence that you don't have to know it all in order to make a refreshing go of it, no matter what your version of Different.


With humor and insight, Better Than Perfect: How to Relax and Make the Most of the Life of Your Dreams offers entertaining answers to serious questions such as "How Will I Get Everything Done?" (Hint: You won't—but that's okay.) And offers surpising advice like "What Not to Do Right."


Download this fun, 36-page e-book today, and farm out your worries about what to do next.


BETTER THAN PERFECT e-Book by Greg Webster

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