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Streamline your way to Different with Greg Webster’s 8-step plan to get you going on the life path you dream of.


Each step includes specific direction for how to get un-rutted, as well as guidance to formulate your own personal action plan.


You'll discover how you can:


  • Believe life can be different for you
  • Overcome typical default settings for living that keep you doing the same ol’ same ol’
  • Just “get going” on your dream
  • And more.


This 32-page e-book includes bonuses that help you overcome obstacles specific to your situation—like finances, mindset, sense of purpose, or concerns about how your dreams affect your loved ones.


Download 8 Steps to the Life You Want, and get going on your version of living Different on purpose.

8 STEPS TO THE LIFE YOU WANT: Your Guide to Living Different on Purpose e-book

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