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Here's How You Can Manage the Many Moving Parts of Different—And End Up Loving Your Life!

Every part of life matters when you're doing Different.

The more I’ve worked on ideas here in Different on Purpose, the more I’ve realized the extreme priority of not taking a one-dimensional view of doing Different.

You can’t just change jobs to find happiness. You can’t just “improve your relationships” to satisfy your personal needs. You can’t simply “eat right and exercise” to transform your life.

The various parts of our lives are so integrated that you can’t change one without affecting the other. Life is a whole organism, not independent pieces strapped together.

Two Challenges for Different

To make the transition to a Different, fulfilling life, we all face two severe challenges.

Challenge #1: How to integrate the moving parts effectively.

We're like surgeons who must operate on a patient’s lung, for instance, while keeping all the other parts working. We can’t stop everything so as to tweak a part, or the patient dies.

Challenge #2: How to find reliable sources of information for the changes we want.

Getting beneficial input is easier in some areas than others. For business guidance, there’s an astounding array of information available—a lot of it very good. The biggest problem is determining what is applicable to your personal situation.

In other arenas, a lot of information is available, but much of it is not good. Foremost among these is health and nutrition.

Choosing the right sources for information is crucial to your life strategy. (Photo credit: Engin Akyurt from Pexels.)

Many supposedly reliable sources of research and advice are mired in the beliefs of the last century. The new millennium has bloomed with truly good advice on what is often considered “alternative” health and nutrition. And since a lot of the modern health paradigm is broken, people who want to get truly healthy absolutely must do Different if they want to succeed.

In relationships and family, much guidance is needed these days to prevent falling into the abyss of problems created by “nouveau” approaches to lifestyle and family.

Similarly, “spirituality” is a broad topic that threatens many people with unhelpful and unhealthy direction unless something Different happens.

What’s a Different-Seeker to Do?

Which brings me to the main point I want to make in this post: I plan to assertively expand this blog and produce a comprehensive, holistic approach to doing Different.

I can’t manage all the areas on my own. In particular, I plan to address health and wellness with the help of my wife’s years of study in exciting and promising new approaches.

Above all, I intend this to be a reliable source of information and bring in others where needed to augment our experience in Different.

I’ve organized plans for this approach under four overarching categories, and in the coming months will fill in with blog posts, book recommendations, and resources of our own making.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  1. Business, Income, and Education

  2. Faith, Church, and Spirituality

  3. Health, Nutrition, and Wellness

  4. Family, Marriage, and Relationships

We’ll still face the struggle of integrating and meshing the timing of implementing these things in your life, but we’ll make it happen. Our goal is to create a healthy system of life that encourages you in all the Different things that make life fulfilling, satisfying, and well worth living.


I have an adult daughter with Down syndrome who has an especially sweet appreciation of things. She tells me regularly: “I love my life.”

My hope, prayer, and intent is that you’ll be able to say the same of yours.


I welcome your thoughts on

what you'd like to see addressed

in these four areas of doing Different!

Please leave a Comment or go to my Contact page and send me your ideas.


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