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Get to Know Your Silent Partner

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

There really is Someone who cares about how you live your life. (Photo credit: Pixabay.)

In one of my career hats, I’m a writer for hire. That means I ghost-write, co-write, re-write, or edit manuscripts for folks who want to publish, and a few years ago, I worked on a book pertinent to anyone taking steps toward Different.

Silent Partner traces the author’s path from desperate search for a meaningful life to his full-to-overflowing life of significance. What impressed me about Brian Viers’ insights at the time (and still does—we met this week to talk about his next book) is his insistence that there is absolutely no such thing as coincidence or good luck about how we get where we are in life.

Each of us is living out a purpose.

However, some do a better job than others of achieving the significance available to us. Success depends on our willingness to pay attention to the connection between what our souls tell us and how our circumstances lead us.

Many authors and thinkers view “the universe” as what supports us when we decide what we want to do. My favorite of these, for instance, is T. Harv Eker in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (see more about Eker's book on my Recommended Reading page).

As to a true understanding of how “the universe” operates, though, I personally think much more like Brian Viers in Silent Partner. He recognizes an “unseen hand” I believe is the

Creator God of the universe who loves us and wants a relationship with each of us individually.

This means there really is Someone who cares about how you live your life.

And I’m not just talking about the so-called “do’s” and “don’t’s” of morality. I mean Someone who has created you for a reason and has a vested interest in helping you carry out your purpose.

You’re designed to contribute to the world in ways you might not even imagine. The first key for experiencing that is to believe it’s true (check out my blog, “Believe and Do,” for more about that).

You’re not meant to be dissatisfied or disappointed with life. You’re meant to dig deep and experience the delight of a meaningful existence—and most people have to do Different in order to go there.

After believing Different is possible, you have to step out of whatever box you’re in that doesn’t fit. Explore the bigger self inside you—and the bigger world that will open up outside when you do. Then . . . take comfort in knowing you won’t be alone.

Your Partner may be the quiet type, but He will do what a good partner does: Be there for you.

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